Clover Hill Farm

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Farm-Fresh Meat

The Meat Shack at Clover Hill Farm is our on-site shop where you can find delicious, farm-fresh meat. All cattle, sheep, and goats are raised humanely, enjoy a healthy life, are cared for on-site, and are treated with love and care. When it comes time to slaughter them, they are taken to certified humane facilities. All meat is USDA inspected and our goal is to provide our customers with affordable, farm-fresh meat in Wallkill, New York, and the surrounding areas.


Our Animals Enjoy Good Lives

All of our animals are raised without hormones, prophylactic antibiotics, or animal byproducts. They are always 100% feedlot and CAFO free, and it's all USDA certified. Cuts are sold individually and come in vacuum sealed bags.

Allowing them to roam in open areas ensures a happier, healthier life. All animals are cared for from birth, and they are able to roam and graze. They eat natural grass and hay with grain available to completely meet their nutritional needs. Our model ensures the highest quality, local meat, all sold without the need for dyes and other additives.

Other Options & Additions

In addition to meat, we also sell eggs from our farm-raised, pasture raised chickens for just $3.00 per dozen. Local delivery is available, or you can pick up your order at the farm or from our Bronx location. Please call ahead to arrange delivery of the order or your pick-up location.

Meat Prices

 Roasts Price
Chuck $9.00/Pound
Top Round $10.00/Pound
Sirloin Tip $10.00/Pound
Bottom Round $10.00/Pound
Brisket $13.00/Pound

Cuts of Beef Diagram


Beef Price
Filet Mignon $21.00/Pound
Porterhouse $20.00/Pound
T-Bone $17.00/Pound
Sirloin $14.00/Pound
London Broil $10.00/Pound
Ribeye $16.00/Pound
Skirt $12.00/Pound
Hanger $15.00/Pound
Chuck $10.00/Pound
Flank $18.00/Pound
Sirloin Tip $14.00/Pound
Ground Beef $6.00/Pound
Sandwich Steaks $10.00/Pound
Heart $5.00
Liver $6.00
Stew Meat $8.00/Pound